CDC Report shows that black fathers are MOST involved

Link between divorce and child suicide

AZ Study showing that divorced parent conflict leads to mental problems in children

Neilsen Studies

Divorce Corp excerpt

Countering Arguments Against a Presumption of Shared Physical Custody^ presented by Brian Hart

Texas Information, forms, etc. in plain english

Title IV-D of the Social Security Act

5 year state payout(pg 42/43)

2012 study for Fed to State comparison of TANF and Child Support

Title IV-D explained


Still can’t believe it? Go to the HHS TAGGS and enter the following info:

Search>Advanced Search >Select year >OPDIV & Program Office>ACF >CFDA>93563 & 93564 > YOUR State

HHS and information on fathers

OSCE map

Divorce statistics analysis from the law firm Wilkinson&Finkbeiner on divorce, also in PDF format

Texas Child Support guidelines review Final Report OAG 2013

Texas BAR Disciplinary Rules

Large collection of equal shared parenting studies 

2008 Title IV-D document


Judges as Parental Alienators – article from Psychology today

The Atlantic article asking if children can be persuaded to love a parent they hate 

Allegations of Family Violence in Court: How Parental Alienation Affects Judicial Outcomes

Fathers’ Roles in the Care and Development of Their Children: The Role of Pediatricians

Children in single-parent families by race in the United States

Rise of Deadbeat moms

1.6 million dads paying for children that are not theirs


Judge Patricia Bennett

Brad Lambs Case

Parenting Plan example

Guide for joint parenting

Dr. Nielsen’s research brochure


HB 803 and increased litigation?

HB 803 report of school to prison pipeline

HB 803 and high conflict divorces

HB 803 and parenting time

Child Support commission transcript

HB 803 and isn’t there already equal shared parenting