BLM….ANTIFA….Protestors….y’all are a bunch of clownshoes

The sentiment of the BLM, ANTIFA, and the protestors in general is that at best your are clueless, at worst you are trying to ruin this country. Of the recent “uprsings” where the data shows that it wasn’t cop brutality (or anywhere as harsh as these groups allege), figured that the Kyle Rittenhouse self defense case was as clear cut as it could be…..the folks in DC said “hold my beer”….


On 9/2/20, cops shot an ARMED man who was running from the cops and brandishing a gun. This is a (another) CLEAR cut case, but the BLMs,ANTIFAs, and the sheeple show up in droves protesting. If you already weren’t an embarrassment, this makes you all a joke.

Thankfully (and they still protested after watching this) the DC police released the footage:


And people STILL protested!!!

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