Bad arguments and mental real estate

I am plagued with, amongst other issues, a need for things to be logical and having order. this extends to hypocritical statements and thinking. I plan on adding an abortion page and make it a copy paste situation so pro-life folks wont have to waste their time manually typing information out, but wanted to share my most recent exchange on the topic.

For the record, there was a time in my uneducated life I was “pro-choice” and said some of the same things that I was taught to say. I was young and stupid. Sue me, ha ha! But, when I did the research, saw through the nonsense arguments and used my mind, I couldn’t keep the choice position or be labeled a hypocrite.

The pro-life position is easy to defend, but others (as you will see) want to bring all of the other nonsense into it to pull you away from the facts. I have said the same thing for 10+ years, if it can be shown that a baby is not human at conception, then the discussion is (and should be) over. It amounts to nothing more than a tooth and yank it out at will. BUT, if it is human life at conception, there is no amount of reasoning to have an abortion.

I screen capped this public post to highlight how pro-choice people operate:

Initial post is talking about the recent Alabama “heart beat” law essentially banning all abortion (and they admit that the main reason is to challenge the constitutionality of Roe v Wade) and that it is a horrible idea

The final law is not on the web yet, but here is a copy of the final law with commentary . I’d say read it yourself, but basically unless there is a verifiable reason against the health of the mother/child, no more abortions.

The “argument” against this is rape, which fails on so many levels. Now, rape is horrible and traumatic (if I don’t actually come out and say this, I am considered unfeeling…even though common sense would tell you that it IS horrible and TRAUMATIC). But, instead of discussing facts, we are given stories of rape and ignoring the logic that a human being is created (like it or not) that it should be OK to kill the baby because the mother was traumatized.

When asked why not kill the rapist, I get more stories….and my personal favorite is I am being religious. when I point out that I have offered NO religious statements, only science, facts and data. “They” are the ones offering stories, etc. Isn’t that what we religious folk do, offer stories in place of science, data, facts?

And then instead of admitting to the facts and changing, the insult phase ensues by the tolerant free thinkers chanting things like “you need to open up your mind” and “stop being close minded”….my tongue hurting from biting it as to not point out the glaring hypocrisy.

It obvious that its not a fact/logic issue. My ongoing issue is what do you do with people like this?

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