All the info on Kyle Rittenhouse

Here is the accounting of what has happened so far with Kyle Rittenhouse defending himself against 3 (or more) assailants. All of the “arguments” complaining about this have been easily answered in this blog post and this video.

Here are their rap sheets:  Huber, Huber1, Grosskreutz, Grosskreutz1, Rosenbaum

If you can still think he is in the wrong after all of this, you suffer from cognitive immunization and there is no hope for you.

Updated video with timeline


Kyle interviewed right before everything happened:


First attacker threatens (and asks to be shot):


Short “shoot me” request:


What apparently “triggered” Joe against Kyle specifically:


*** update*** this article shows video of someone shooting a handgun in the air

All the other attacks on him:

At 3:40 into live stream, events happened

news station, although, being liberal, confirming all the arguments for why this was self defense (and used the word long gun)

Video, with analysis from an ACTUAL Criminal Defense Lawyer

Filed charges article

Breakdown from on legality of carry laws in Wisconsion:

“There seems to be a lot of confusion about carry law in Wisconsin that needs to be cleared up. For starters, there is no law prohibiting a 17 year old from possessing and open carrying a long gun while under adult supervision in the state unless that long gun is a short-barreled rifle or short-barreled shotgun.
People also keep talking about “crossing state lines,” which is some more garbage someone made up. There is no law prohibiting an individual from transporting a legally owned rifle from another state into Wisconsin. People do it every day, and it’s lawful.
People are confusing possessing and open carrying a handgun with a long gun. The rest of the rhetoric is just feelings, and feelings don’t count in the legal arena.
The video clearly shows he was attacked in each instance. And, yes, even the first shooting where a brick was thrown at him (it wasn’t a molotov cocktail, despite initial rumors.)
In those regards, Kyle Rittenhouse broke no laws and committed no crime. If he did something else, well, that’s a discussion for another day.
The fact he was arrested seems to be “proof” for people he committed a crime, and that’s a load of garbage, too. Innocent people get arrested every day, only to have the charges dropped or to be exonerated in court, later. An arrest is neither a conviction nor an admission of guilt.
In this politically charged atmosphere, there was almost no chance he wasn’t going to be arrested. We’re watching politics unfold, and unfortunately, Rittenhouse is a pawn in that game. He needs our support. It took a 17 year old kid to do what grown men refused, and that was protect their community, and that is shameful.
Edit: I’d also like add that while everyone is busy discussing “illegal carry,” and whether or not he was old enough to carry his rifle, he’s not being charged with unlawful carry, he’s being charged with first-degree intentional homicide, which is a charge that won’t stick based on the evidence alone.”
Wisconsin’s stand your ground statute:

It seems that everyone that has a bone to pick with Kyle, are OK with the outcome from a guy, Robert Cobb, 71 who was trying to stop damage to his business. And listen to the girl at the end JUSTIFYING it…..

Here is the lunacy of the left, a video has surfaced of Kyle (who has no record), after initially being slapped by a girl and walking away, after his (assumed) friend gets into a fight, he punches a girl. The SAME people that are calling Kyle a woman beater are glossing over these facts:

This is the mental gymnastics that the left will go through to justify their craziness. You have a mental disorder, cognitive immunization.

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  • Rob

    August 28, 2020 3:11 pm

    Not a true “Stand Your Ground” law. It has conditions, all of which have to do with Castle Doctrine – which is NOT the same.

    Stand Your Ground law in Missouri, applies to: WHEREVER YOU ARE.

    That’s why it’s called, STAND YOUR GROUND, because it’s supposed to apply to wherever you are, not just on your property, and certainly not limit who you can defend yourself from. What a crock. As if police and/or public safety workers are always perfect little angels, and NEVER do anything wrong.

    They musta got the People of Wisconsin smokin some GOOD stuff, to get them to allow that bs.

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