2 Child Support Enforcement Lawyers Shot…a good start

The old Pissed Off Parent was a lot more forgiving than the more recent Pissed Off Parent….that’s because the new Pissed Off Parent has been screwed over but so many “good” people. I use to have respect for a number of government officials, not anymore since learning about all of the corruption.

My last hold out(which will never change) is for the boys in blue (and firefighters and EMTs). Will always have the utmost respect for the tough job that they do.

Having dealt with family court lawyers, well, this video I made a few months ago says it all……

As these no good asshats push good parents past the breaking point, this will happen more and more…. and aside from a small handful of lawyers, will not weep for them one bit….

Attorney couple were intended victims in central El Paso shooting that left wife dead, husband hurt


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